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96 Souls
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96 Souls

A university research scientist, about to lose funding and status, has a lab accident and discovers he can see people's true intentions -- making his situation even worse.

Director : Stanley Jacobs

Stars : Grinnell Morris, Kevin Rock, Rob Locke, Betsy Baker, Jeffrey Boehm, Randy Jay Burrell

Production Co : SJPL Films

Duration : 112 min.

Release : 2017-05-28

Genre : Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller

Country : United States of America


Domingo Morrison

I don't think the same, although this is not my favorite movie

Louise Christensen

this was really the best movie i've ever seen!

Virgil Gonzales

Great, since I signed up the video goes smoothly. audio 10 and video 10, Thanks Bro.

Craig Knight

That is great to finally see on the big screen. I don't want to spoil anything in particular but this is a film that everyone should give a chance

Benjamin Black

The characters are great, they're interesting, they're funny, they will make you laugh. Trust me, at a point this movie will hit you where you live.

Valerie Strickland

How do I watch it ?????